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API Upscaling

API Upscaling

As companies grow and expand into more markets and geographies, - their software systems become vast applications and services with multiple legacy APIs. The company is expanding its product offerings and wants to add new features that require integrating with the existing legacy APIs. The challenge lies in the fact that the company wants to maintain the legacy codebase and maintain its stability.

One solution to evolving services is to upscale the legacy APIs by adding new functionality to a newer API without modifying the legacy code, ensuring the continued smooth operation of the existing system.

API Upscaling Process with WunderGraph

Step 1: Introspect Legacy APIs

Begin by introspecting the legacy APIs using WunderGraph, which supports various API formats, such as GraphQL, REST, and others. This step allows you to understand the structure and capabilities of the existing APIs.

Step 2: Create a New API

Develop a new API that will serve as the foundation for the upscaling process. This API should include the additional functionality needed for the new product offerings.

Step 3: Integrate Legacy and New APIs

Use WunderGraph to integrate the legacy APIs with the new API, allowing for seamless communication between the two systems. With WunderGraph's powerful features, you can easily create resolvers and compose the APIs in a unified interface.

Step 4: Test and Validate the Upscaled API

Leverage WunderGraph's type-safety and testing capabilities to validate that the upscaling process has been successful. Ensure that the new API interacts correctly with the legacy APIs and that the additional functionality works as expected.

Why WunderGraph is the Ideal Solution for API Upscaling

WunderGraph offers a suite of features and capabilities that make it the perfect choice for API upscaling:

  • Unified API Management: WunderGraph enables you to work with multiple APIs, regardless of their format, and integrate them seamlessly into a single, unified interface.

  • Flexible Integration: WunderGraph's powerful resolvers and composition features allow you to integrate legacy and new APIs easily, simplifying the upscaling process.

  • Type-Safety and Testing: WunderGraph's type-safety ensures that errors are caught early in the development process, and its testing capabilities help validate the success of the upscaling process.

  • Intuitive Development Environment: WunderGraph offers a user-friendly environment that simplifies the complexities of working with multiple APIs, allowing developers to focus on creating new functionality.

  • Performance and Security: WunderGraph prioritizes performance and security, providing advanced caching strategies, robust authentication, and authorization mechanisms.

Choose WunderGraph (opens in a new tab) for your API upscaling needs and unlock the full potential of your legacy APIs while seamlessly integrating new functionality.