API Adapter

API Adapter


Using an API Gateway or Backend for Frontend (BFF) pattern to expose per-context operations for different clients, such as web, mobile, and third-party applications. While this approach provides a centralized way to manage APIs and tailor their responses based on the client, it can still require significant effort to maintain and update these gateways or BFFs, particularly when dealing with multiple APIs and target systems.


To address the issues present in the an API Gateway with the BFF pattern, you can use a universal API Hub. This approach involves auto-generating a namespaced virtual-graph of all target systems and services, and then linking specific operations to each BFF.

Note: By utilizing WunderGraph (opens in a new tab), you can:

  1. Simplify API management by auto-generating the virtual-graph for target systems and services, reducing the need for manual maintenance and updates.
  2. Increase flexibility by allowing you to build only one side of the proxied calls without limiting the need to update legacy APIs and sync those downstream with minimal changes.
  3. Streamline the process of creating context-specific APIs for different clients, as WunderGraph handles the composition of API operations based on the shared virtual-graph.